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T2/18/2016 01:02:00 PM

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If you need any help regarding Android Issues , You can contact us on different platforms .You can also hire us for web designing , Android App development , iOS App Development and Search Engine Optimization . 

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  1. Hi Shami. Your blog was very helpful. I used the firmware and got my tablet 902C (9") working again. Thank you.

    However, Bluetooth is missing and WiFi is impossible to connect. I know what the problem is, though. Your firmware is V1.2, my hardware is v1.5.

    Do you have that firmware? I hope you can help.

    1. write the firmware detail then I can help you.

    2. Sorry for the late reply.

      WM8880 Wondermedia For-Fun V91 V1.5 Firmware.

      Thank you.

  2. hola me descarge el firware para una tablet al quererlo descomprimir me dice que que invalido cual sera el problema

  3. i download a RK3026 but when i try to extract need a password and send me to this page can u help me with this du you have de password help me please i only have one day for repair this tablet



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