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Thursday, May 11, 2017T5/11/2017 12:25:00 PM

a23 inet 86dz rev01 Allwinner A23 Firmware

Allwinner A23
Android tablet Firmware 

 a23 inet 86dz rev01

 a23 inet 86dz rev01

The following firmware is only suitable for Allwinner A23 CPU based tablets and will not work on any other CPU (Allwinner A10 ,A13,A20,A33). The board ID / PCB image is a23 inet 86dz rev01. 

Firmware Detail :

Platform : Allwinner A23
Firmware : a23 inet 86dz rev01
Touch screen Drivers: GSL1680
Wifi Drivers : RTL8188
Test keys : ETV-KYT_067V2-Vidix-T_708
Ext : img
Flashing Tool : Phoenix Flashing Tool 
Firmware : a23 inet 86dz rev01
File Size : 511.33 MB
ROM : Android Stock Firmware 4.4.2

Some of Software issues can be solved by resetting your Allwinner a23 tablet to factory settings via Android System Recovery , which is recommended before flashing stock firmware . Android Multi Tool is also very helping software to reset , bypass gmail account or in case of forgotten Pattern lock on your android tablet



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