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Thursday, November 10, 2016T11/10/2016 01:24:00 PM

TOP 5 Apple Iphone Hidden Menu Codes

TOP 5 Iphone Hidden  Codes 

 iphone secret codes 

Iphone Secret menu codes has been reviled. Secret Codes are set of combination which allow you find more detail about your iphone hidden features. These secret codes implied from keypad with the help of call button (few) along with asterisk (*)and hash (#) symbols. 
Here is Detail :-

1. Voice call barring all outgoing calls ( *#33# ).

Call barring options use to protect you from dialing unauthorized calls . *#33# secret code allow you to check the restrictions on all outgoing calls , sms , data usage etc. This code prevent misuse of your Iphone. If you want to enable restriction mode you need to dial *33*(SIM pin)# . If you want to disable dial #33*(SIM pin)#. Sim pin is not a security code , it's a  code which you have already enabled on your SIM . 
2. Calling Line Presentation called EFR Mode (*3370# + Call ) . 

Enhance Full Rate menu code allow you to revamp voice quality of call conversation on GSM. This code is not available on all networks and also consume more battery than normal conversation on Apple Iphone

3.  Field Test (*3001#12345#* + Call).

This hidden menu code on Apple Iphone allow you to see the detail of Live Update Info about your Network.  This code can be reveal numerical value of your iphone signals and can read data about nearby  network towers. 

4. Imei Number (*#06#).

IMEI (international Mobile Equipment Identity ) is 15 digit irreplaceable unique code which help all networks to  recognize your iphone . Every Smartphone carry different IMEI number and cannot be same on two devices , although this code help you to get back your iphone if you lost it in anyway . 

5. SMS Message Center Number  (*#5005*7672# + Call).

This secret code on iphone help you to identify your SMS message center number which is very useful if you have error " Message failed to send ".

Disclaimer : This post was published for educational purpose not for misuse . Android Soldier condemned any misuse .  



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