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how to install google play on Arnova 10 G2

How to install Google Playstore on Arnova 10 G2

arnova app store

arnova app store

Arnova 10 G2 is 10 inch android tablet made by ARCHOS . The tablet has beautiful stunning features. G2 roll up  with 2.3.1 android version and no further updates are available as production is closed for G2 . Also this 10 inch android tablet does not have Google Playstore and other Google Services in stock firmware . You can use APPSLIB application to download thousands of android apps . You can call Appslib an alternative of google playstore but it does not support all the apps and games available in Google Play Store formerly known as Android Market . This tutorial is upon the request of many users and will describe easy method to install google play store on Arnova 10 G2. In this tutorial we will write small firmware on Arnova 10 G2 called Kasty EZ. This firmware will only make some small changes with stock firmware and will not replace the actual android version. Backup your personal files during installation all of personal files and apps will be erased. make sure battery is charged more than 60% . 

Method 1 : how to install Google Play on Arnova 10 G2 . 

Open Appslib on your tablet . Search for application called Arc Tools . Download and install . Open Arctools and click on firmware . Select model of your tablet and select " Arnova 10 G2 EZ Custom Firmware 1.0 or 1.2" do not select other firmware in list called test etc , click on I Agree and then download . Downloading will start and will take 3 to 5 minutes to completing the download depend on your internet speed. 

arnova app store

After complete download select install to start installation . Arnova 10 G2 will reboot in Android Recovery System and installation will begin . 

how to install Google Play on Arnova 10 G2

After successful installation Arnova tablet will be reboot , wait for touch screen calibration to be done and follow the setup instructions. You are good to go . Now you will see Google Playstore icon and other google services.  This firmware will also give you root access and will install Superuser #SU means now you tablet is rooted as well. 

arnova app store

Method 2 : how to install Google Play on Arnova 10 G2 .

Download ARCTOOL.apk directly to your computer and transfer it to Arnova 10 G2. Install apk file and follow same procedure as describe before . (See Method 1).

Method 3 : how to install Google Play on Arnova 10 G2 .

In my case Appslib did not work as it has to be , I choosed other method of installation which is manual . If you choose Method 3 , then you do not need to Follow Method 1 and 2. Simply download KASTY EZ firmware manually and start installation . 
Download the firmware on your computer and unzip it . 

Open extracted folder and copy update.img into root directory of Arnova 10 G2. 
Disconnect tablet from computer .
Arnova 10 G2 will automatically detect .img file into root directory . 
A pop up message will come on screen " Found img file would you like to install " , Click on Installation and sit back . 

how to install Google Play on Arnova 10 G2

Installation will take 3 to 5 minutes and tablet will be reboot . You will see ARNOVA logo and touch screen calibration . When done follow the instruction and complete the Arnova setup wizard. You are good to go . 

arnova app store

Disclaimer : 

Method 3 was tested by myself and found no harms to tablet but we do not responsible for any loss . All personal data was erased during installation of custom firmware. Firmware and ArcTools are property of and all credit goes to arctablet and the devlopers. Android soldier does not claim any rights or credit. 



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