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Thursday, September 1, 2016T9/01/2016 01:27:00 PM

World Of Tanks Blitz free download

World Of Tanks Blitz 

Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review 

Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

World of Tanks blitz is Android game developed by WARGAMING  Group Limited based on world war 2. A battle of tanks which give you ultimate entertainment. WOTB is online strategic action game available for android smartphones and tablets. The ever best multiplayers game you will find on Google Play Store. Two teams each contain 7 players will fight in battle fields to destroy the enemies tank and for victory. 

Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

You can choose different region to starting a game carrier . Its up to you to play as guest or create account with wargaming server which is recommended. In this game you will tank of different tires , from Tire 1 to 10 , two hundred different tanks are available. You will have to start from tier 1 then upgrade your tire with time . This game have Deep progression system which make this give more unique and detailed outstanding game , Deep progression system also give you complete information regarding your game. You can check win / lose status , your hits to enemies , number of tanks destroyed by you , achievements and medals unlock by you etc. 

How to play World of Tanks Blitz (Basic Tactics to start carrier ).

Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

There is five different countries teck tree available . Choose wisely what tech tree you are going to play . Some of tanks are really fast and some of them are too slow. Some have serious fire power and some have low fire power and some of them are balanced with speed thick armour and firepower. Decide first which tech you will play. 

Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

You have 7 george slots available for free  parking 7 different tanks. But if you want to buy more tanks then you need to purchase slot with gold which is limited available in game. 

World Of Tank Blitz

Choose a tank , play game and earn upgrades point to buy more advanced tank and modules for your tanks like , heavy guns , Engine  modules , track modules etc. 

World Of Tank Blitz

World of Tank blitz android game based on 18 unique battlefields . Every field have its own statics .

World Of Tank Blitz

Fight against enemies and unlock bounces and achievements which you can view in your profile . 

Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

There is also different missions available to give you extra bounces and points. You can play them or skip them . 
Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

Every victory give you credits , points and medals . You can also view your team position , detailed hitting and damages , awards after battle end. 

Developers : Wargaming Group Limited
File Size : 56 Mb (Atleast 3gb space required to download additional files.) 
Current Version :
In App Purchase. 
Internet required to run the game . 

Disclaimer : All the logo and images are property of Wargaming Group . We do not claim any rights. 



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  4. I love games. I play few MOBA games, I play MMO RPG games. I play solo games. But what the hell is with the popularity of WoT? It's stupid! It's really slow and it's all about you riding tank and firing to other players. Whaaat? And the community is full of old mans or young kids, who better be surfing than playing games.

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