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Thursday, September 15, 2016T9/15/2016 01:37:00 PM

Storage Space Running out Android Phones Solution

Storage Space Running out Android Phones.

 How to solve Insufficient Memory Error on Samsung Smartphones

Storage space running out is common error on Samsung Smartphones . I have  been facing this problem recently . My Samsung S2 was also victim of this issue .  Searching  a lot and found very easy solution . Thanks to whoever found this solution.  

How to solve Insufficient Memory Error on Samsung Android Phones

Sometimes you does not have many apps installed in internal  memory but your smartphone start showing insufficient storage while you are try to download or update any apps from Google Play Store . To solve this issue you do not need any CWM Recovery , Rooting or anything else to get rid of this issue . All you have to do is delete dumpstate log and logcat files from your internal memory . Here is the quick introduction of dumpstate and logcat . 

What is dumpstate and logcat in android ?

Dumpstate logs monitor and create logs about force closing system files. Logcat used to create logs about system errors for developers to understanding the system problems. Logcats also used to help debugging system errors

How to solve Insufficient Storage problem on Samsung Smartphones. 

Open up dialer on Samsung phone

Dial *#9900# .A secret menu will pop up with the name of SysDump.

How to solve Insufficient Memory Error on Samsung Android Phones

Click on second option (delete dumpstate /logcat) as shown in image . 

Storage Space Running out Android Phones

Press ok and delete dump. Wait for few seconds and restart . You are out of this problem. At Least 1.5 Gb space was available after applying this tutorial on my Samsung Smartphone.  

Note:- These codes will only work on samsung devices. You can use this method without any worries . Personal files will not be deleted. Do remember these logs file will start generating again automatically and can reach same volume with specific time. 



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  1. I always experienced this android error whenever I tried to download a new game app. Will give dumpstate and logcat a try on my Samsung phone, I'm glad I was able to find more information like this in here and I did.

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