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Friday, April 29, 2016T4/29/2016 01:53:00 PM

Allwinner A10 firmware A088-mainboard-v4.0

Allwinner A10


Allwinner A10 Firmware 

Tablet update 

Tablet update  Allwinner A10 Firmware

Supported CPU : All winner A10
Android OS : 4.0.4
File Size : 275 mb
Printed Board Circuit : a088-mainboard-v4.0

The below mention firmware is only suitable for  All winner A10 CPU with board ID a088-mainboard-v4.0. This android tablet comes under different brand names with same board, i.e Crony , aztak , Aftron etc. After flashing Allwinner tablet may some drivers mismatch .Try this firmware at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility . If you have minor issues with a10 tablet for example , stuck on logo , forgotten pattern lock , gmail account or OS errors try solving these issue via Android System Recovery

However there is another very useful tool which can solve these problem with in seconds. Hard reset via Android System Recovery and using Android Multi Tool is always recommended before flashing All winner stock firmware.  You can also backup your current stock firmware by following this Tutorial . 

Live suits flashing utility will be used to flash a10 tablet. Download livesuit and follow the recommended procedure and follow the complete tutorial. 



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  3. I looking for the firmware of tablet Delium TM902

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  5. I did fu**ed up a bit. How good is that you knew about possibility of that. At least back up worked (after I fire up my ass in attempts to do it properly). Thanks, for your tutorial I don’t know how I can did it without it. Also be careful with Android Multi tool always check its version.In addition check out EssayAgents review, believe me it is cool.



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