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how to stop inappropriate search results on browser and apps

 How to prevent search engines and video hosting sites to display inappropriate search results or videos .

Internet Safety for kids .

Internet Safety for kids .

Technology is growing day by day . With every single day there is new technology arrived and improving in every field of life.As we all aware there are also side effect of modern technology along with huge benefits. Internet is the one of best innovation in this era.  These days , Internet safety for the kids is known issue for the parents , especially for busy parents while they are out for work or children's are out of sight and using internet . As internet is paying important role in the era of modern technology and has a major role in our daily routine and social life . No matter you are working , studying or socializing, internet is the main key of all these factors , apparently you cannot stop your child's being a part of this awesome technology . But at the end parents are concerning about displaying inappropriate , unwanted or graphic nudity in the shape of images or videos. The game changer and world no. 1 search engine company Google is very concerning about the family safety on internet. Google and YouTube Allow parents to set safety measures which is Perfective effort. Here are some useful settings to make sure maximum internet security for kids. 

visit Google search preferences  from your browser and turn on safe search and click save . This will allow Google Search Engine to block inappropriate videos and images in result. 

Internet Safety for kids .

Same if you are user of Bing Search Engine  you can also set privacy and measure of safety for children from Bing setting tab.

Internet Safety for kids .

You can also use safe search filter by Google on smartphone and tablet browser .
On smartphone or tablet go to .
5-6 tabs will be shown in bottom. 
Click on setting , select search setting , select SafeSearch Filters and select filter explicit result as mark in image below.

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Now it's time to create some barriers to YouTube to display inappropriate search result of videos. 
Go to YouTube homepage on browser.  
Scroll down to bottom and you will find few options . Click on restricted mode and select yes or no and click on save . Reopen YouTube and you will not find any unsuitable videos on home page. 
 safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine

On smartphone or tablet go to YouTube App. Click on setting button and select settings.
Select General  and go for Restricted Mode. 
Tap button to turn on Restricted Mode and you are good to go . 

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Disclaimer : The purpose of this post is to prepare the parents to meet the maximum security measures on internet . However these Techniques are not 100% satisfactory but work maximum.All the logo and images are property of Google and YouTube. Android Soldier does not claim any rights . 



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  3. “With great power comes great responsibility”. I’m glad that giants like Google and YouTube understand it so good. I agree that these methods will not protect your kid entirely but it will totally decrease risks. You kid could still stumble into something not very appropriate. In that same right moment, your parenting will be tested. What did you taught him will appear there. So don’t rely only on technical features, educate your kids well! If you do it right, finding of will not be a problem or surprise for them.



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