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Thursday, February 11, 2016T2/11/2016 12:44:00 PM

How To Unbrick Amlogic Tablets

Unbrick Any Amlogic Device 

How to Unbrick Amlogic tablet .

amlogic boot card maker 

amlogic boot card maker

This tutorial will guide you, how to unbrick your amlogic tablet or any amlogic device. If you mistakenly brick your amlogic tablet and won't able to flash it via Image Burning Tool , then this tutorial can help you to recover you amlogic tablet or any amlogic device. Bricked amlogic device means if your tablet or any amlogic CPU based device won't turn on or showing only light or generating below mention error on screen while writing amlogic firmware , then this Amlogic boot card maker tool can help you to write stock firmware on your amlogic devices. 

There is also another method available to unbrick any android tablet, that is short circuit of nand flash pins , which is not easy for new user or not user friendly method but with amlogic boot card maker  method you can easily boot your bricked android tablet .
example of semi bricked amlog tablet errors while flashing. 
failed to mount data 
Device can't mount 
Invalid Arguments 

How to unbrick Amlogic tablet 

Then download amlogic firmware regarding your tablet and extract .
extract and run bootcardmaker.exe 

amlogic boot card maker
A pop up window will open and you will see few options. 

amlogic boot card maker

1.Choose Disk: Select the drive of your microSD card.
2. To partition and Format: Check "YES". This will format your microSD card. 
3. Choose your bin files : Click open and choose u-boot.bin from your stock amlogic firmware.
4. Make : Click on Make . This will turn your microSD card into bootable amlogic recovery disk. A green bar will be appear until card turn into recovery disk.  
5.  Now copy all files from stock amlogic firmware . (factory_update_param.aml, aml_autoscript,, recovery.img, unlock_autoscript and amlogic u-boot.bin)

amlogic boot card maker

Turn off your tablet , Insert memory card into tablet , Power up tablet , you will see recovery mode and flashing will be start automatically . When reboot , remove memory card wait for few minutes and let the update complete. After successful upgrade everything will be normal now , follow the instructions on screen and you are good to go. 
This method will work on all amlogic cpu base devices . (e.g TV Box , Tablets ).
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  1. Had to try several different combinations of sd cards and readers to get the bootmaker to find my sdcard. eventually I put a micro sd card into a full size card adapter (so now it physically looks like a full size sdcard), then put the adapter into my full size sd card reader (not a multi-card reader, or reader that appears as an external hard disk), finally I had to rename it to SDCARD in windows file manager before the boot maker program would see it. I renamed it to BOOTME when the boot maker did the format option.

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