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Wednesday, March 25, 2015T3/25/2015 12:56:00 PM

Basic Android debug bridge adb commands and their usage

helpful ,Basic Android debug bridge (adb)  commands  you must remember . 

 adb commands and their usage 

Android debug bridge(adb) is famous commands based Android development tool which used to create a connection between device and computer and work as a bridge between . I have discuss Android debug bridge (adb) briefly in my previous post. Adb's most powerful weapon is commands which we are going to describe in this post briefly .  Adb commands also work in fastboot mode

Lets discuss some of  very useful and handy  adb commands for windows

adb lsmod command

adb lsmod will load list of  currently installed modules on your android device.

how to use adb commands

adb device command

adb devices will display a list of attached android devices to computer .

how to use adb commands

adb reboot command

reboot connected android  devices .

adb reboot recovery command

adb reboot recovery will reboot attached device into recovery menu. (Helpful in case of your smartphone or tablet only showing android exclamation mark and nothing more display) This is easy way to enter into recovery menu in android otherwise you need to use combination of buttons to enter into recovery mode

adb reboot-bootloader command

This adb command will use reboot your smartphone or tablet directly into device bootloader . From there fastboot mode will work and adb won't. 

adb push   [source][destination] 

adb push will allow you to install data from computer to android devices. You have to follow the path as mention in below image. 

how to use adb commands

adb pull [source][destination] command

adb pull command will allow you to copy data from android device to computer.

how to use adb commands

adb sideload command

Flash custom firmware and Stock firmware updates with this command.Download updates manually and install with help of adb sideload command to your device. 

adb install command

To install .apk files with adb use this adb command. 

how to use adb commands

adb backup command

adb backup command will be use to backup complete data of your android device to your computer . You can save all your data as a backup . This command work with different syntax but the most common  syntax is -all ,"adb backup -all", the output file will be "backup.ab" . A backup message will be pop up on your android devices as shown in image below.

how to use adb commands

adb restore command

To restore your backup  from computer to android device this adb command will work . All you have to do is type " adb restore C:\ backup.ab". All the device data will back shortly. 

how to use adb commands

fastboot devices command

Fastboot devices is same command as adb devices but this command works where adb ends. It used to check connection between devices and computer but work only with those devices which support fastboot mode

fastboot flash recovery command

This adb fastboot recovery command will use to flash custom recovery on your smartphone. Be very careful to use this command. 

adb logcat command 

adb logcat command use to display all the processing running behind your android device. 

adb logcat .txt 

adb logcat.txt command use to output your device complete log in text file. 

If you know more helping adb commands and want me to add , write it in comment section. 



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