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Thursday, February 12, 2015T2/12/2015 12:37:00 PM

SP Flash Tool Mediatek flashing Utility Tutorial and Guide.

MediaTek SmartPhone Flash Tool aka SP Flash Tool. 

Mediatek flash tool 
How to Flash MediaTek Tablet & Smartphones with Sp Flash Tool
 Step by Step Guide & Tutorial. 
Download SP Flash tool 

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Smartphone Flash tool known as SP Flash Tool , is flashing utility  for Mediatek based smartphones and tablets. Mediatek has many famous CPU Chipset i.e MT6589, MT6572, MT6582, MT6592, MT8125 ,MT8312 , MT8382 and many more .
 MediaTek support Dual Core , Quad Core, hexa- Core , Octa Core  Processors  in different Smartphone and tablets. 

Tips .

(Before Flashing Stock Firmware try  Hard Reset via Recovery Mode is always recommended. Flashing Stock ROM on any Android device must be last option.Most MediaTek devices support Fastboot mode, In case of errors,pattern lock , gmail or system errors try Wipe Device data in Fastboot Mode).

Preparation for Flashing MediaTek. 

First you need to download Appropriate firmware for your smartphone or tablet. Then Download SP Flash Tool utility from old version from here  and SP Flash tool latest version from here. Sp Flash tool include drivers but if you are not able to find ,download MTK Drivers from here . Do not attach MTK Device to computer until mentioned in this tutorial "Connect your MTK Device".

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Unzip Sp_Flash_Tool and go to SP Flash Tool folder.

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Click on Flash Tool 

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

SP Flash tool automatically select download agent file. 

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Now click on Scatter loading , A pop window will appear and you have to select MTXX Android Scatter file. Now this is very important Step. Choose scatter.txt file carefully . Scatter.txt will be located in downloaded firmware folder. Scatter.txt is most import part of your flash. The text file based on whole firmware which mention partition/block size of your smartphone & tablet (Preloader , MBR,EBR1,Uboot,Booting,RECOVERY,Sec_Ro,Logo,Android,Cache). Again be careful to choose Scatter.txt the correct scatter.txt file is which you will in your downloaded firmware folder. 

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Now Select MTXX_Android_Scatter from the firmware fold which you have been downloaded before. 

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

After Selecting Scatter.txt you will see bunch of files loaded on SP Flash tool. (Preloader , MBR,EBR1,Uboot,Booting,RECOVERY,Sec_Ro,Logo,Android,Cache).

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Its Time To Start Flashing your MediaTek Devices. Do not attach your devices . Click on Download button.  

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Pink bar  will be start to gether firmware information and will be completed to 100%.(as mention in below image).

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

Now "Connect your Smartphone or Tablet" . You need to put your MediaTek Device into Boot Mode for flashing . Hold Volume down , Press power button and insert data cable into MTK Device. Do not loose buttons untill Sp Flash Tool detect your Android Device as shown below picture with arrow .  

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

A yellow bar will be start and SP Flash tool will start writing files into your MediaTek Devices.  

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

On 100% yellow bar A green circle will be pop up with message "Download Ok ". You are done. 

how to flash mediatek tablets and smartphones

MediaTek  Device will be turn on automatically if not then turn it on by pressing power button. First boot will take some time .

What if Android devices hang on logo after Flashing ?

 In some cases (not mine) after flashing, tablet or smartphone  hang on logo then you need to  Hard reset your device ,wait until it  turn on . 

What if My MediaTek device is showing Invalid Imei after Flash?

In some cases (not mine) after a flash Android devices display invalid or null imei. There is brief guide about How to Repair Invalid Imei on Mediatek  

Disclaimer !

The above said mediatek flashing procedure is best of my knowledge and following snapshots were taken during Lenovo tablet flashing. The Presented method is completely safe and work like charm but I do not take  responsibility of any loss .


Hi. I’m Designer of This blog. My Aim is to help people related Android Technology and teach them whatever I know , Knowledge always multiply when you share it with othes, and I also believe "Sharing is Caring".

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  1. Replies
    1. If you do not know what you are going to do , better stay away from doing .

  2. Hi

    I need help. I have a Tablet with the following specs:

    Alps Tab-5417-8G3G
    OS: 4.42
    Procesor: MT8312
    Dual Core
    CPU Frecuency: 1300Mhz
    ARM Mali 400 mp
    1Gb Ram
    8Gb Rom
    Screen REsolution: 600x1024 (7.42")

    When I connect to the MTK Droid Tool it show me a message: MT6582 (MT8312is fake)

    I need a firmware to the tablet. I don't know that to do or what firmware can work on it.

    I already made a backup from the rom usin mtk tool.

    My problem is: My tablet starts to show a lot of ads, and then install strange apks. I Made a hard resert but it nothing works. I read that installing the original firmware can work

    Please help me to find a firmware to this tab

    1. Hard reset and install AVAST security , scan and remove malicious installed files. you are facing a virus which is damn tough to clear.

    2. I tried every single antivirus and antispyware and nothing works. I read if I install the clean firmware, I'll be able to solve this problem. The main problem is that I don't know what firmware can work on this phone tablet.

    3. you need to remove the back cover of your tablet carefully then find the firmware number which will be written on board. then you can search and find it easily.

    4. Ok, I'll try. The tablet with the problem is not mine.That's the reason why I don't wanna open it, but I can see, there's no option

    5. Well you can remove back cover with care . I see no problem while opening cover. But do not use anything sharp or pointed. Nails are best weapons :P . Ok one more thing try to install CPU-Z apk from google play store . Run it , if you succeeded it will show all the information regarding your tablet then you do not need to open the cover.

    6. Hardware : MT6582 (MT8312 is Fake!)
      Model : TAB-5417-8G3G
      Build number : ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.23
      Build date UTC : 20140928-071246
      Android v : 4.4.2
      Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V36, 2014/07/05 15:39
      Kernel v : 3.4.67 (user3@user3-Z97-HD3) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Sun Sep 28 13:55:31 CST 2014
      ARM Mali-400 MP
      Ram: 1gb
      Screen Resolution: 600*1024 (7.42″)
      Custom Compilation Version: 1411888112

      I remove back cover and it had some metal cover over the board. No numbers just for the lcd model and connector.

      using mtk falsh tool, I got that info, plus I instal gpuz and system android info

    7. try to find firmware by model and hardware . write both in search . for example write and search MT6582 TAN-5417-8G3G Firmware on google.

    8. Nothing Yet :( I'm thinking in buy a new one with the same model to get a copy of the firmware using MTK Flash Tool. I think this is the only solution :/

    9. I would suggest keep trying different roms of the same mtk65xx should work...keep it in mind, never flash the preloader....if you get any light from the display then try rebooting into recovery and wipe data factory reset it may help. good luck.

    10. Sorry, it's me again

      I discovered few serials under the board. It say: 2014-05-12 KA7703-12_Main_v6.0
      94v-0 H103B

      And it say MT8312v

      which is what I need to find the right firmware?

      thanks in advance and I apologize if I'm too persistent

    11. Sorry no luck. spend alot of time and every possibility but did not find .

    12. Ok, don't worry. Thanks for all your help. Have a nice holidays

    13. hi cristal i can help go and download your device manual all the info you need is in there. hope it help full i have the same tablet and also have same problem mine just got worse so i need do the full firmware story.

  3. Shami
    Good afternoon from Mexico

    In the SP Flash Tool a pop window will appear with this

    [Hint] PRELOADER is checked, but without path!
    [HInt] MBR is checked, but without path!
    [Hint] EBR1 is checked, but without path!
    [Hint] UBOOT is checked, but without path!
    [Hint] BOOTIMG is checked, but without path!
    [Hint] RECOVERYis checked, but without path!
    [Hint] SEC_RO is checked, but without path!
    [Hint] LOGO is checked, but without path!
    [Hint] ANDROID is checked, but without path!
    [Hint] CACHE is checked, but without path!
    [hint] USRDATA is checked, but without path!

    1. as far as i understand problem you have to select scatter.txt file correctly. Browse and select scatter.txt from firmware package. Try to find latest version of SP Flash tool.

    2. I have a tablet Lepan TC802A like this

      Processor & Chipset

      Processor Manufacturer MediaTek
      Processor Type Cortex A7
      Processor Model MT8125
      Processor Speed 1.20 GHz
      Processor Core Quad-core (4 Core)

      Operating System Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

      The MTXX Android Scatter file for this tablet is MT8125 but I can´t find the firmware

      I´m trying flash with MT6582 android scatter file
      This is the problem, isn´t it?

      please help with the correct firmware for Lepan Tablet TC802A

      I want to try with this version of SP flash tool.
      from Here

    3. Shami

      Look this

      This model of tablet Acer Iconia A3-A10 have the same processor model (mt8125) than Lepan tc802a

      I can use this firmware?

      Acer Iconia A3-A10 Stock Firmware
      Submitted 10 months 1 week ago by roman2025.
      Last modified:
      Saturday, January 24, 2015 - 17:00
      Firmware Author:
      Iconia A3-A10
      MTK 8125
      Manufacturer "Stock" Rom?:
      Stock Rom
      Not Rooted
      Firmware Image File:

      Attachment Size
      A3-A10 Firmware for (0) 982.29 MB
      Brief Description:

      This is stock firmware for the Acer A3-A10 Tablet. That is about as much as I know. I grabbed it from this site:

    4. Do not use other scatter files than MT8125. You will brick your tablet and may result dead tablet. I would not recommend . As far as acer iconia firmware , you can try at your own risk but this could be suicide coz scatter file also write partitions,boot . And if you will be succeeded then might touch , camera wifi not work . try to find the exact firmware for your tablet or Custom firmware.

    5. one more thing . try to contact roman2025 at mtkfirmware side. If you will able to contact roman2025 , that would be luck. this guy can do whatever he want . he is such a experienced developer .

  4. I will do so. I will try to contact with roman2025
    thanks for your help shami :)

  5. I have bricked my tab by flashing a wrong ROM. I don't have any firmware backup on my tab. now the tab is dead and does not power on. Please help me to recover it. I have downloaded many ROM to flash with SP-Flash. none of them containing preloader file.

    1. try to flash with preloader only . uncheck all other options. you need stock rom to revert back to working tablet. Then try to flash with recovery and android option only . if succeeded go to recovery mode and erase user data and wipe cache for any internal error. good luck.

  6. Good day please share to us the meaning of every types of download agent.

  7. Hi I have a lenovo A7-30HC and now it doesn't want to detect the sim card do you know what can I do or will the flash solve this problem. Thank you for your time and help with this problem.

    1. No . seems to be hardware problem . may b you broke the pins.

  8. Where Firmawre download link for MT8312 in your article?

  9. hello how are you dear,
    i have a tablet ismart china tablet. Model is i-tab79g8.
    i flash this tab whith sp flash tool. i cannot make a backup old files.
    i download a scatter file.
    this scatter was install success. but when power on the device screen lights on but no display on lcd.
    i am so worry please help me.
    some additional information hear.
    SP. Flash tool information.
    Chip Name: MT6582_s01
    Chip version: 0x0000ca01
    Ext clock: EXT_26M
    RAM Type: DRAM
    so when i open back cover i see
    bord number : K733 B1-1 20140329
    processor: MEDIATEK ARM MT8312 V 1421-XAHHTH CTT3P551

  10. alguna rom para la gpad mini mtk 8382 1.3 Ghz quad core

  11. hi I flashed my Lenovo A889 smartphone using the instructions provided and while booting it kept on showing "=>TOOL DL image fail!" do I have to correct this or is everything okay?

    1. firmware was fail to upload correctly . try it again

  12. hi i have a lenovo a5500-H i try to install rom for a5500-HV (same hardware for this model) but the flash tool lost connection to device due to pc issue probably or lost connection by cable now tablet is not power on and flash tool dont see to install the rom again any ideas what can i do thanks

    1. you need to short the pins of main chip . find out information on google about shorting pins to turn on dead tablet . hope you will find it . I think u need to short pin 7 and 19 but not sure.

  13. necesito la rom de la tablet textel tx-701 mt8312v

  14. i flashed 3 times successfully.even after doing it with da dl checksum MY PHONE is STILL STUCK at logo.



    i tried to use another flash tool but it says "preloader is checked but without path".



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