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Thursday, January 22, 2015T1/22/2015 11:39:00 AM

How to Fix Touch Screen on Android Tablet with Android App.

How to Fix Touch Screen on Android Tablet with Android App.

Android touch screen problem. 

A13 Touch Screen Calibration.

Android touch screen problem.  A13 Touch Screen Calibration.

This tutorial is about to fix  touch screen drivers on Android tablets in simple way. Most of the time when user flash or restore their tablet via Livesuit (Allwinner AXX)or other flashers,  most of the time drivers or tablet components  does not match exactly with firmware and in results ,  touch screen does not work properly , inverted touch screen. There is a easy way to fix the touch screen problem on Allwinner tablets after flashing. This method will work only if debug mode is on. If touch screen is not working  and debug mode is off ,  you need to attach usb keyboard with Android tablet and try to find a way to turn debug mode on. If there is will there is way. 

Download Android Calibration2.Apk
1.Install Any android Pc Suit on computer . 
2. Connect your tablet to Pc Suit  and  install Calibration2.apk via any Android Pc Suit. (There are many Android PC Suits available . Mobogenie , Wondershare etc)
3. Open Calibration App .
4. Click on + icon to set calibration for TS
The best thing is about Calibration2.apk is its auto correct x,y axes on Touch Screen

Note:- Unfortunately I have not use this app other than Allwinner Tablets. I am not sure it will work or not on other tablets.As soon as I am able to try it with multiple tabs , I will  update results. You can also post results in Comment Section.


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  1. Hello, the tab it is in debug mode and via Phoenix Suit I have already installed the apk. But... how I can open it in the tablet? It's locked and touch not working :(


  2. Attach USB Mouse with OTG Cable or if you have usb port attach directly to usb.

  3. Did nothing. Bottom right its spot on but as you move away the touch spot gets further away from the area your touching. Top left the touch spot is off screen so I cant even get to the cross hair.

    1. U need to change the xy dimension in CTP Para. pull out bin file and change the value.

  4. Shami ZaheerSeptember 4, 2015 at 1:13 PM

    Attach USB Mouse with OTG Cable or if you have usb port attach directly to usb.
    keyboard and mouse either wont work after connecting with otg cable please help

  5. Hi, I want to install touchscreen driver in my Android, but I can not find the folder kernal\driver. Can you help me?

  6. There are a few drawbacks however the general understanding and execution is for the most part better.Faytech



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