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Monday, January 19, 2015T1/19/2015 11:59:00 AM

Allwinner A23 ET-86V2G-A23-V1.2 Tablet Firmware

Allwinner A23


Allwinner A23 Tablet Firmware 

Allwinner tablets best manufacturer 

Board ID : ET_86V2G_A23_V1.2

 ET_86V2G_A23_V1.2 allwinner firmware
Allwinner A23 Tablet 

This .img file is compatible with Allwinner A23, 2G, Android tablets contain board ID ET-86V2G-A23-V1.2. To flash this firmware on Allwinner tablet you need Phoneix Suit flashing tool .
Preparations :

Download Firmware
Alternate Firmware Download Link
Download Phoenix Suite 

Tablet Flashing Procedure. 

Turn your tablet into boot mode. 
Connect with Computer 
Install Drivers
Open Phoenix Suit 
Click on Firmware.
Click Upgrade. 

For Step by Step flashing tutorials see



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  1. After flashing this firmware the tablet does not have sound while calling. Any solution?

  2. after flashing TOUCHSCREEN not working! any solution?

  3. Buenas tardes tengo un phablet (tablet telefono) con esta especificación ET-86V2G-A23-V1,2 fabricación 2014-06-10 este firmware le servirá? ya que el blog solo dice que es para tablet, si me puede ayudar seria fabuloso, gracia...!!!

    1. Amigo verás que me regalaron una como la suya pero no tiene el táctil y no se dónde comprar lo ni la marca comercial me puedes ayudar,soy de Costa Rica este es mi correo:

  4. Hello,
    I have this tab (Board ID:et-86v2g-a23-v1.2) for the last 2 years and it was gifted by my friend. The tab was going well until the day I tried to install CWM and it got stuck in the boot logo. I searched the net to find out some way to install the stock firmware via SDCARD and on inserting the sdcard and restarting the tab, there are some vertical colored lines on the screen and the screen was almost white but I could faintly see the boot logo.

    I powered off the tab and on restarting it the screen was blank (black screen). I connected the tab to my computer and I see it was showing as unknown device in the device manager. after many search I could not find any proper driver for the tab and it won't recognise the older driver installed in my system.

    I have also tried ADB driver search but the ADB tool does not recon my tab either.

    Please HELP !!!!

  5. Thank you, I've instaled in my tablet & works fine!



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