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What is Firmware and Custom Firmware

What is Firmware and Custom Firmware 

Definition and Difference Between Original Firmware and Custom Firmware .

What is Firmware ?

A firmware is main software ,installed in main chip (flash memory called ROM) of all electronic device to control and give permanent instructions to device hardwares . ROM is read only memory which can be rewritten or erase and contain on a system image of Android OS . 
No matter its Smartphone,Tablets or other devices,the definition of firmware is same in all the electronic devices. A firmware works like human brain, which can control and instruct all the part of human body. 

What is Stock Firmware,Stock Rom or Original Firmware ?

A firmware is also called Stock ROM which means the original firmware of particular device from company or a same copy of software which were installed by company during manufacture . A modified firmware with different version called update . When the companies modified their firmwares to remove the bugs ,more compatibility,or better performance and efficiency ,called updates.Firmware Updates manage by versions.   You can install firmware updates in many ways i.e if you have smartphones or tablets you can install Android updates (for example 4.0,4.1,4.1.2,4.2.1,4.2.2,4.4,5.0.2,5.1.1,6.0)iPhone or iPad (IOS 7.1.1,IOS 8.0)etc. by WIFI (OTA) or by downloading firmware from company's web page. The original firmwares are always needed when your device does not respond properly ,dead or generating multiple software errors to make it alive again. 

What is Custom Firmware ,Custom Rom?

A  firmware which modified,edited, injected new features,ripped out stock apps,optimized kernel with no limitation by individuals (Developers) called Custom Firmware or Custom Rom.  The most important feature of Custom Rom is , you can update firmware to those versions which is not available for you device. Custom firmwares are based on extra utilities added by developers i.e  extra themes,long battery,speed,graphics ,explore the whole devices options added into custom ROM. 

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For reference in Iphone you can preserve baseband to avoid baseband update with custom firmware or in android devices you can have extra features like installing apps in memory card,rooting etc.
This post and content is based on best of my knowledge. If someone would like to add something in this post please write it in comments and I will add it to post. Any suggestions would be considered  as compliment. 



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