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Thursday, April 17, 2014T4/17/2014 07:40:00 AM

Tutorial How to flash Wondermedia WM8650 Tablets

 Wondermedia WM8650

 Tutorial to Flash Wondermedia Tablet with 

Uberoid 12.1

Board id : M009S V8

When I need to Restore or Reset  my Android Tablet Pc?

1. Forgotten Pattern Lock . 
2.Too many pattern attempts / Reset user lock.
3.  Tablets PC stuck on Gmail account.
4. Android Tablets PC stuck on Android logo.
5. Tablet Android  hang on start up / Multiple errors generating by OS. 
6. Android Market  having problems or generating errors. 
7.Upgrading to new Android OS.

Problem : WM8650 Stuck on Android Logo.

First you need to disassemble,open the cover of  tablet to check the board id. Find out what CPU does your tablet have. This tutorial is about Wondermedia Cpu wm8650
Uberoid is best option available to install wondermedia firmware. 

see How to Disassemble wm8650 Wondermedia Tablet Pc

Download : Universal Uberoid 12.1 for WM8650 Tablets

Tutorial : How to write Wondermedia Tablets Firmware on Sd Card.

Write firmware on Sd card as show in Tutorial . 

Turn off tablet and insert SD card .
wm8650 tablet pc firmware tutorial
Wondermedia WM8650 Tablet PC

Turn on tablet . It will auto detect firmware from Sd card. Flashing process will start and take upto 5 minutes.

wm8650 tablet pc firmware tutorial

 A Blue flashing bar will move from 1% to 100%. 

wm8650 tablet pc firmware tutorial
WM8650 flashing 

 Do not remove SD card until you got message "PLEASE REMOVE SD". (as shown in image)

wm8650 flashing done

After Removing SD card tablet will restart auto and you will see screen with logo UBEROID

wm8650 tablet pc firmware tutorial
Tablet turning on

First boot will take 3-5 minutes to display home . Don't be panic . 

wm8650 tablet pc firmware tutorial
touch working fine

Tablet will restart and you will see screen. 

wm8650 tablet pc firmware tutorial
wifi working fine

Everything will be work perfect if you follow the same flashing procedure with tablet pc. I have done personally flash above mentioned tablet and everything was working like charm Camera ,Wifi,Touch. 
Before flashing tablet pc Make sure to charge battery more than 60% . Power failure during flash may result dead tablet.

 I does not take any responsibility for damages. 



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  1. I installed a wrong firmaware and my tablet is down and even dont turn on the screen only thing I see is just a green light showing battery is full, what can I do now is possible to recuperate my tab?

    1. provide complete detail of tablet . CPU , Firmware , brand . PCB Image.

    2. it is a genesis gt-7304 probably sold only in south america and some parts of asia, its specs is 1.5 ghz, 512ram, 8Gb storage, its firmware is wondermedia too, this link shows more details about it and to get its original firmware just roll the page down and click "baixar driver" meaning download driver, I already have, but after worng firmware I dont know how to get it working again. thanks

    3. I have been searching and it seems to be a problem on u-boot or something related to nand memory.

    4. Original firmware will also write partitions . Try to find the factory firmware.

    5. ok, but when I insert the sd card and press power nothing happens, just a little green light turn on and nothing appear on the screen it continues black, what do you think it can be? All I know is that is a truly hard brick.(PS:its hardware is working ok)

    6. I tried using flashing tools but none worked.

    7. try to write other firmware on sd card. are you using uberoid ?
      seems to be problem with bootloader.

    8. I will download uberdroid then try it, but I can't see what is happening since the screen won't show anything.



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