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Friday, April 18, 2014T4/18/2014 07:47:00 AM

Assistant Android App to use in daily life.


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Make your life easy with Android Apps. 

Speaktoit Assistant is very use full android app . It is virtual assistant for Android devices(tablets and smartphones) which work on your command. The virtual Assistant perform different tasks , answer your questions notify your daily events , meetings , things to do , find contacts , launch application . Virtual assistant also remember you favorite places and also connect you with many web services like Facebook , Google , Google map,twitter,Google navigation,Google calendars etc.   There are so many other functions which will you find little light bulb next to microphone. The virtual assistant ,assist you in 6 different language (English, Chinese , Portuguese ,Spanish , Russian and German). The app vendor working on many other languages and will launch soon. 

You can compare  this android app with Siri and many others. its not less . User rating and reviews are good about Assistant. 


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android apps



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