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Tuesday, April 22, 2014T4/22/2014 01:07:00 AM

Android System Recovery .

An Overview on Android System Recovery 

Guide for Beginners. 

smartphone recovery


What is Android System Recovery ?

There are many kinds of Recovery Systems in Android .(i.e CWM,TWRP,PHILZ etc).  We will discuss about Stock recovery in this post. Stock recovery or recovery in Android OS is an environment which allow you use several important options on Android Device such as Android Tablets and Smartphones. Whenever you want, you can replace stock recovery with Custom recovery like CWM, TWRP Recovery. 

what is recovery in android tablet

You can apply updates , wipe cache data, or perform factory data reset . Its a different combination of buttons on different android devices. Some devices allow to enter in recovery mode with buttons but some do not. 

How to Use Options in Android System Recovery ?

Reboot System Now.

This option use to reboot your smartphones and tablets into normal condition. 

Apply Update from external Storage .

Apply update allow you to install updates on your android devices with help of ADB. 

Wipe data / Factory reset . 

Wipe data /Factory reset also called a  hard reset . When you restore your Android device to state when it  left the factory or first time the Smartphones or Tablets turns on . Hard Reset erase all user setting,contents (i.e games,contacts,messages,apps preference setting ,bookmarks,third party apps as well .) So if you're enough lucky then you can make  backup of all your data before hard reset .In most cases user data lost. Different Android Devices have different method for Hard Reset

Wipe cache partition.

This option allow you to wipe cache .  This option use to fix the boot loop in android. 

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  1. Hello i cannot reinstall my tablet?What can i do?

  2. If you want more information i can tell more in e-mail and sen pictures.You can write me in facebook: Temenuzhka Radeva or e-mail: Thanks a lot.Have you nice evening.

  3. what problem you are actually facing ? you can done many things by using Android system recovery option. If that does not help then you need to write OS again which depend on your tablet . take back cover off and see the CPU Chip . you will might see Allwinner , Rockchip etc. This would be the first step if you have non branded tablet.

  4. adb slider problrem i have lost data wip a7 30 lenivo tab

  5. adb slider problrem i have lost data wip a7 30 lenivo tab

  6. Hello, I have eSTAR MID 7818 mini (CPU: AllWinner A311s). It had System recovery. Now it has bricked and it can not boot to recovery. Can I flash Custom ROM without System or any custom recovery???

  7. my phone was suddenly on displaying "system recovery" screen and would not respond so i removed battery, replaced,turned on... NOW frozen on opening screen displaying,
    ZTE-powered by Android screen. and WILL NOT turn off.



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