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Sunday, March 23, 2014T3/23/2014 07:06:00 AM

Oink Prevent Children to Waste Money on In App Purchase.


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Prevent Children to Waste Money on In App Purchase. 

Many parents are facing empty credit card account by the hand of their child's , not stolen but spending all their money to buying in app purchase on iTunes. If you have forgot to remove your credit card which is link to an account in your iPad , and your kid is playing Candy crush , Form villy or subway surfer , there is huge risk of plenty you are going to face by your child .These games ask for purchase different items to play further. Children does not bother what going on they only bother to play next stage or unlock different items.  I have personally seen this plenty to my friend . He was out of country for a two weeks and forgot to unlink his CC from iPad. After a month he got a huge bill of 127 Pounds .

To prevent this there is a application called Oink.Oink is a Free app for iOS that provides children the independence to purchase on the internet , buy applications and make in-app purchases as far as the amount of money used stays within a pre-determined quantity . Money may be spread by offering junior a per month spending budget , or parents can also add funds at any time to reward a job well done . And Parents can set it to ensure that a small amount of funds could be spent on a particular app , or even on applications with a particular ranking . That prevent children from purchasing an app that he is not grownup enough to manage . As well as the complete accounts can be disabled in case the parents want to punish the child for a couple period , or the accounts password in some way gets into the unsuitable hands .

if you have face following situation , share with us as a comments. 


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