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Friday, November 8, 2013T11/08/2013 12:36:00 PM

How to upgrade tablet pc with Micro SD Card Tutorial.

How to update Android tablets version with MicroSD card also known as TF Card ? 

There are two different method updating android tablets version via TF Card / MicroSD card. Some Chipset support PhoenixCard which I will call method 1 and some chipset support another method which I will called method 2. This discussion is about PhoenixCard Upgrading tool method the other method is very simple and easy will be written in end of post.
This tutorial is for newbies who want to upgrade their android tablet via PhoenixCard or their android tablet only support upgrading method with PhoenixCard. Mostly android tablt which base on Allwinner Chipset / Boxchip, support PhoenixCard as well Livesuit Flashing tool . 
PhoenixCard is bit easy to Upgrading android tablet and Livesuit is bit easy to Flashing android tablet ROMS /Firmware/Software. 
There are few easy steps for TF Card fabrication (mean you have to make your microsd card as a firmware device for example using bootable CD or DVD to install window in Computer). Easy way to understanding TF Card / microSD card fabrication for upgrading android tablet firmware is like you have to make your TF Card / MicroSD card bootable. 

Before Starting download Officially available upgrade (.img) file for your android tablet . Make sure you have exact upgrade version as your tablet have . Download 
and extract it with winzip or winrar.Run .exe .
Now its time to play.
1. Insert TF Card /MicroSD Card in Card reader and attach Card Reader with PC
2.Use minimum 1GB memory card. 
3.format MicroSD card to make sure it does not have any other file or its not corrupted.
4.Open PhoenixCard and click on Diskcheck ( shown in Image as STEP 1) DiskCheck will detect TF Card port. (Like J Drive , Kdrive ) which will show very next to Diskcheck option. 
Phoenix Card tool
5. Click on Img File (on PhoenixCard tool shown in image as  STEP 2 ) and browse for your .img file which you have download previously from android Tablet Pc seller's official website. 
Phoenix Card tool
6. Click on BURN (on PhoenixCard tool shown in image as  STEP 3 ). Upgrading file will be start burning on TF Card . 
Phoenix Card tool
Phoenix Card tool

After finish burning process turn your android tablet off and put MicroSD card in it. 
 Press power button on red led is on and blue led will be start blinking.Wait to blue led stop blinking then turn your android tablet off again.  Pull MicroSD card out from Tablet Slot.  Turn your Android tablet on . Congrats your android tablet version is Upgraded . 

Method 2.
1. Download desired upgrading firmware by seller official web page . it should be in
2. copy to root directory of MicroSD card.
3. Insert MicroSD card in Tablet 
4.Press volume + button and press power button (Different android tablet have different button patterns so try Volume - + Power as well .)
Android system recovery
5. Android system recovery will be show like in image. (This image is not exact as tablet show system recovery, its only example how recovery system will look like)
6.You will see option apply update from TF Card /TF / MicroSD or Card.
7.Use volume - down button to select option and use power button to enter.
8. Update will be start and you will see android codes running on screen of tablet PC .
9. When finish ,click on reboot system now . 
First appearance of  tablet android will be take some time and android logo will  appear while configuring hardware , software with all the components so dont get panic.  Between 3-10 minutes of installation you are good to go . 
Keep enjoying updated version of Tablet Android .


Hi. I’m Designer of This blog. My Aim is to help people related Android Technology and teach them whatever I know , Knowledge always multiply when you share it with othes, and I also believe "Sharing is Caring".

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  1. When i select the img file it says "No script was found", what is missing?

    1. burning process was not done correctly . Try format your SD card on NTFS partition then burn image file . if fail again try with livesuit flashing tool or Phoenix Flash tool.

  2. ERROR after inserting memory card
    "sprite update error : fail to scan flash information
    sprite update error: current card sprite failed
    now hold the machine. " como resolver

  3. كل المحاولات فاشلة الصورة اي صورة التحديث لا يقبلها فينوكس كارد تولز انها صيغة الصورة غير مقبولة ولا تنطبق مع البرنامج ماذا اعمل

  4. method 2 is not working for me
    tablet model:A13 f761s mainboard
    I downloaded a and copied to the root of exsd then reboot to recovery mode and when I choos to install from exsd it start but it fails with the error of (E:Short write of /tmp/sideloade/ (no space left on device))installation aborted
    what should I do?

    1. sideload package mean it will be write via adb or unzip and select .img file and use flashing tool.



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