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Sunday, November 17, 2013T11/17/2013 06:38:00 AM

What is "Rooting" in Android Operating Systems

What does Rooting means in Android OS ?

In the era of smartphones and Android Tablets ,  we listen every day a word "Root or Rooting" along with Android Smartphone and Android Tablets names. I was confused also for long time to understanding completely what is Rooting. Still not be able to define it perfect but as much as i know I would like to share it to newbies. 

How Does "Root" works ?

Android OS based on Linux Operating System. The name of admin in Linux is Root. Root or Rooting mean in Android language is like you have to access everywhere , where unrooted cannot access or by default OS does not allow to access . Rooting give you access to system files and allow you to change those files which are read only like you can play into system file , you can install custom OS on your Smartphone or Tablet. Rooting or Root remove all the instruction on device,  this is a same process as Jailbreaking on  Iphone or Ipad. if you are  familiar with windows, its exact as you use your computer as a ADMIN or as a user. Rooting is ADMIN and unrooted is like guest user. To understand Rooting in simple way, for example "  you go to  someone 's house as a guest . You will be restricted to guest room only or TV lounge . When you get permission (Root) you can access to all their room , kitchen , basement , etc ." in conclusion,  a rooting is we replace official kernel with new kernel ,which allow you to do a lot more, than the original kernel

Simply understanding Rooting .

Root is also known as a base folder of your microSD card. a main feature of rooting is you can have all those games on your phone which is very expensive on Android Market. for example i have unrooted Samsung S3 mini and I cannot connect OTG cable with it. When i rooted S3 Mini i was able to find OTG cable .When you get root access you , you can remove carrier restriction as well as can make full backup of your phone to microSD card which called nandriod backup


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