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Saturday, November 16, 2013T11/16/2013 07:12:00 AM

Allwinner A13 Q88d v1.1 Android Tablet Firmware

 Q88d v1.1 Allwinner A13 7 inch Tablet Firmware 

Flashing Tools,Tutorials and Rom


Read Article About Allwinner A1X Chips 


Chipset : Allwinner A13 
Board ID : Q88D V1.1
Brand: Various Companies use this board 
Android Version : 4.0.4
CPU : 1.2 Ghz
Display: 800 x 600
Ram : 512 / IGB
flash Memory : 4GB / 8GB

Flashing Tools 
Flashing Tutorials

Recommended Tools 

You can also use : Android Multi Tools

How to Update Android Tablet with microSD Card.

1. Unzip the update file, and copy the 3 files to an empty microsd card. (the 3 files must be copied to the root of the microSD card) Then turn off your Android Tablet , insert the MicroSD card into the android tablet.
2. Push and hold volume - key on the tablet, and while holding this push and hold POWER button aswell. Wait until screen flickers and release power key, but keep on pushing
 volume - key until the green Android robot is shown. 
3.Now you can release keys and wait for the update to finish.
When updated, the tablet starts up all over.
Please notice that firmware update will delete all settings, apps etc. you may have downloaded to your tablet.

Why I need to Flashing  Tablet ?

When your Android tablet facing various problems . In case of
1. Forgotten Pattern Lock , 
2.Too many pattern attempt / Reset user lock
3. Android Tablet stuck on Gmail account
4. Android Tablet stuck on Android logo
5.Android Tablet hang on start up 
you can use this Android Tablet firmware  ROM to make your Android China tablet working again . Make sure to charge battery . Power failure during flashing may result dead or broken tablet.
Flashing stock firmware should be last option.
Download :



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  1. is this stock rom can be use for model q88 B- v1.1 ?

    1. as far as you have allwinner a13 chipset you can use it and try other firmware . but make sure your tablet pc have allwinner cpu .
      post the result pls.

  2. errr...the ROM link please. Thanks

    1. Link has been changed. Uploaded new q88d v1.1 Firmware Link. Sorry for inconvenience .

    2. Thanks! i'm sure to try this rom when i have free time.

      BTW, do you know how to backup current ROM?

    3. yes there is post regarding how to backup Allwinner ROM. search the blog. thanks



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