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Monday, July 1, 2013T7/01/2013 12:56:00 PM

RKBatch Tools flashing Tutorial for RockChip Android Tablets

Rockchip Flash Tool ,Rockchip Batch Tool Android Tablet Flashing  Instructions, 

  Flashing Tutorial for 

 Rockchip  RK2918, RK2928,RK3026 , RK3066 , RK3188  Tablets. 

rockchip batch tool download . How to flash Rockchip Tablets.
Download Rockchip Drivers
Download RkBatch Tool (Rockchip based tablet flasher).
Download Desired Firmware . 

How to Connect Rockchip Tablet to Computer .

For Flashing Rockchip tablet you need to put tablet into Boot Mode . Different tablets have different boot mode. Some Rockchip tablets get into boot mode by pressing volume down button and inserting cable. Some Rockchip tablets need to press reset button in reset hole and volume down and insert cable. After successful boot mode you need to install Rockchip drivers.
After completing drivers you can view your connected tablet in Device manager as shown in picture.

rockchip firmware

Now open RkBatchTool.exe to run Rockchip flasher. 

rockchip firmware

In Rockchip Batch Tool software you will see Green Bar No. 1 as Connected Devices. If the device will not connect the button will be grey. Put your Rockchip tablet into boot mode again as mention above. 

rockchip firmware

Now Click on Fw Path button .

rockchip firmware

A Pop up window will be open. Select the desired firmware which you have already downloaded and extracted before. 

rockchip firmware

All the option in Rockchip batch tool will be highlighted as you can see in image. 
FW Path: The download firmware which will work with your tablet during firmware upgradation.
FW Ver : Currently Firmware Version 
Boot Var : Will display your kernel boot version. 
Support : Will display Rockchip CPU (RK3066, RK3188 etc). 

rockchip firmware

Now Click on Upgrade button to start flashing procedure. The Green bar button will blink during flash and multiple layers will start running inside Rockchip Flash tool

rockchip firmware

First Rockchip Flash  tool will test multiple option on your Android tablet and then it would start downloading firmware on Rockchip tablet.  

rockchip firmware

After 100% download Rockchip Flash Tool will verify downloaded firmware. 

rockchip firmware

If the procedure went good you will see Green bar down inside the Rockchip Flash Tool.

rockchip firmware

Upgrade Done Success <1> Fail <0> Time <xxxx>ms
This line will be verified 100% successful firmware upgrade on Rockchip Android Tablets.

rockchip firmware

Before Flash charge your tablet more than 60%. Do not panic during flashing . Power failure during flashing rockchip tablet may harm ful for tablet. 

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  1. OK hello first of all my name is austin..i just bought a tuvva powerplay tablet..aka the game contains a rockchip 3066 cpu and 4 core gpu 400 ok iv been trying to flash custom roms on this for awhile..i never could..i got it rooted though..well then i heard of this thing called chainfire 3d thats supposed to improve fps...well i installed that tablet turned off...then it booted up with the logo..thats it..nothing more..i can enter the stock recovry..and my computers makes a bumpuda sound like its conntect..all i want to do is delete the dang chainfire thing..but i dont know how..iv tried using adp..but i dont know what im doing really..CAN someone ..any one please help me out..ill be great full and ill stay away from rom flashing for now on i sware..i just want my tablet back :,( iv learned my lesson and if any one can help me ill be so freaking advance

  2. Rockchip Multi Tools
    use multi tool to wipe rom if not then Restore your tablet on Stock firmware using RKBatch tools.
    i hope you will be succeded .

  3. how to unlock pattern lock of allwinner a13 and wintouch q75 tab without box ....plz share ur knowledge......sorry friend salaam

    1. Hard reset through recovery is best option but you will lost all your data. try different buttons combination . hold volume down and press power button , Volume up + Power button . if you see blue screen then choose wipe data .if not succeed then you can try flashing tablet with livesuit.

    2. if debug mode is on then you can try with multi tools.

  4. Hi, thanks for the tutorial.

    Where can I find the stock rom for my YK86VS-RK3026-V1.1 tablet?


  5. Hi, when I load your RK3026 YK86VS-RK3026-V1.1 firmware into the Batch tool, it shows RK302A as supported chip. (not RK3026) Is this normal?

    1. well it seems to be normal nothing to worry but make sure you have rk3026 CPU inside tablet , if you have rk3026A CPU then do not try this firmware. make sure first and then click on flash. good luck.

  6. Hello, I have a Canox PC 755N tablet with stock rom.
    It has some nasty things going on. In the settings menu there is no battery tab. If I swipe down the top right corner, and click on the battery icon, I get to the menu. However on the left side, the Apps is highlighted. Sometimes pops in the Battery menu, then disappears.
    In the detailed battery usage list, I get mobile netwok on the first place. This tab doesn't have that option!
    The battery indicator is totally wrong. Sometimes it stays on a value for a long time, then suddenly drops. Often when I plug in the charger, it goes downwards to 0, then up again. It's all over the place.
    I downloaded the parameter file using AndroidTool, the first 4KB. There are multiple instances, and the System and User section start address, and length vary!
    Which one should I choose?
    If I download using the first one (0x00180000@0x00282000(system)) there are too many empty stuff inside of it.

    Someone please take a look at.
    Than you.

  7. i need password flash file plz help

  8. Hellow plz help me where do i can download firmware of royqueen rk3026 140123/c38/v03

  9. Quiero descomprimir le pongo la contraseƱa y me marca error

  10. logre descomprimirlo pero aparece en chino y el touch invertido lo necesito en espaƱol

  11. i need password for

  12. Hola Shami Zaheer, tengo una Tablet RCA 7Inc RK3026, y no he podido encontrar el Firmware compatible para instalarlo, me podrias ayudar por favor.



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