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Thursday, July 18, 2013T7/18/2013 05:42:00 AM

Allwinner A13 Q8 v1.5 zhongxing Android Tablet Pc Firmware

Allwinner A13 

Q8-v1.5 zhongxing--en-d06-bsr-nossb

Android Tablet Pc Firmware 


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Frequently Asked Question about Android Tablets 

Tablet Flashing Tools:

Flashing Tutorials for Allwinner Tablets:

Recommended Tools for Common Tablet Issues: 

You can also use : Android Multi Tools

Common Android Tablets issues :

The following firmware , ROM file will be used  when your Android tablet facing various problems . 
1. Forgotten Pattern Lock on Android Tablets
2.Too many pattern attempts / Reset user lock.
3. Tablets PC stuck on Gmail account.
4. Android Tablet PC stuck on Android logo.
5. Tablet Android  hang on start-up / Multiple errors generating by OS. 
6. Market Android having problems or generating errors. 
7.Upgrading to new Android version.
you can use this Android Tablet firmware,  ROM to restore your Android China tablets to generic firmwares or upgrades . Make sure to charge battery upto 60%. Power failure during flashing may result dead or broken tablets.
Note : Flashing generic tablet firmware should be last option.

Download Q8 v1.5 firmware.

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