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Saturday, July 13, 2013T7/13/2013 02:13:00 PM

LiveSuitPack v1.07 Allwinner Flashing Tool & USB drivers

LiveSuitPack v1.07 & v1.09

Allwinner Tablets Flashing Tool and  

USB drivers

The files contains the flash tool LiveSuit and Windows USB drivers .This software and drivers are required when you  think to upgrading or flashing Android Tablets e.g Allwinner A10 and Allwinner A13 chipset based Tablets
If you thinking to update or restore your Cheap chinese tablet which cpu is Allwinner then you need to download Livesuit . There are many other tools to flash Allwinner tablets but most authenticated and reliable flashing tool for flashing Allwinner tablet is Livesuit.  

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  1. no se abre el enlace a
    don't open

    1. Thank you for feedback sir.Sorry for inconvenience .
      Link has been change. Keep visiting :)

  2. thankey

  3. sir, i want to flash my mcmillion mctab 8.0su9, but livesuit cant detect my device and i cant find any drivers for it pls help me!..thanks

  4. Hey guys I need firmware for board Id :al-mt8321-706m-v1.2 -21-2016.05.19



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